Posted by: suzijuice | November 25, 2008

my 3 month summer hol begins!

hi all, so ive done half my uni year already! so crazy, it went so fast!

Had exams for my 3 subjects, 2 went ok but one wasnt so great, ill soon find out! Exams were an experience in itself, most exams are held in the adelaide showgrounds. 1800 (from 2 uni’s) sit exams together in a HUGE warehouse, it was so scary and didnt help being added to my already nervous self!

I finished on the 18th Nov and dont go back to uni till 3rd March, I love aus! My plan is to see as much as here as poss so i decided that doesnt include time to come home! im going to be in Sydney for christmas and new year, brisbane for january working as a photographers assistant and then my parents are here in feb, so its all go!! and im really looking forward to it! except i did get sunburn this week!eek!

Its very sureal that its only like 4 weeks till xmas and there are decorations/xmas trees going up but its getting hotter, this year will definately be different thats for sure! hear its cold and snowy at home, something i do not miss about glasgow! 

you’d think after nearly 5months id be missing home but im really having such a good time here, everyone is really nice and its such a better and laid back way of life.  I do miss seeing my family, but it keeps me going to know they are coming out in february so get to see what/where ive been.

Two downsides of this time of year are: Firstly, everyone at home seems to be organising internships for next summer with accounting firms, but as im here its really worked against me as i cant be home for interviews. Seems sad really as i am here for university but most firms want face to face interviews, guess ill try sort something out with a smaller firm though. Secondly, there are many people here on exchange from the US and they are only here for one semester unlike the students from the UK and Europe. Im definately not ready to leave here yet, but is sad to think they are going and next semester will be different. Different is not neccesarily bad, and i am looking forward to it as ill have a new housemate aswell here but it is odd to think many people that you’ve grown close to are leaving. Keeping positive as i have an exicting few months ahead of me, just been difficult as time has flown

Ill try write in the next few weeks,

Suzanne xx


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