Posted by: suzijuice | January 18, 2009

Living on Cloud 9

So i said i was going to try and write in a few weeks but that was a while ago now! ive been so busy! ill be here all day telling you what ive done, so instead ill tell you my highlights šŸ™‚

Firstly, went to perth and loved it, its larger than Adelaide, but still has similar traits,Ā first place ive been that ive felt that i could liveĀ once i qualify. Makes me think back to when weĀ met with students thatĀ had came out, oneĀ girl was adament that she will move here after uni, and i was likeĀ wow i def wont feel like that, 1 year is long enough.. but now im starting to see why she said that.. this place hasĀ so many nice places and character traits that are very appealing!

Next, i went to Sydney for 2 weeks over xmas and new year. I was a bit apprehensive with it being my first xmas away from homeĀ but i suprised myself – i didnt mind it at all!And i got to be onGMTV to say merryxmas to my parents! and it made my mum cry- bless! And one of my friends from home managed to make it out here with her parents and we went to the sydney tower(revolving restaurant over sydney realllyyy high up)for xmas dinner which was really special. Then New Years eve.. wow.. it really was one of my highlights of this year, it was incredible, we never went to the main botanic gardens as we wanted to have room so we went to a place called bradleys head and we could take our own food/alcohal so was a really good atmosphere.

Then after that i headed up to Bris. I secured a job up herefor the month of jan but wasnt quite sure it would work out, and turns out it has worked out better than i thought! Im working as a photographers assistant and we travel around and get free acocm so its been pretty nice. We had an apartment in Surfers Paradise for 2 weeks and next week we are going to be north of brisbane. Ive been making the most of my days off by going to the gold coast, sunshine coast, noosa – absolutely incredible place, and im in byron bay now! going snorkling tomorrow so looking forward to that! Ill add some photos up – this definately seems to be the best summer break ive had- but best of it is, im quite looking forward to going back to uni in march- its festival time in Adelaide so will be a lot of fun! xxx


  1. Hi Suzi, What a whirlwind trip of Australia! Seems the only big cities you missed were Melbourne and Darwin… oh and Hobart of course. Hope you enjoy the Gold Coast, the weather have been great and the surfing awesome. Happy travels. Jamie G.A.

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment!
      Im heading to melbourne next week and was in Hobart in September so only Darwin still to tick off!hopefully will get a chance to go there in my last 6 months here, heard great things about it! I did enjoy the gold coast, really nice and great weather! šŸ™‚

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