Posted by: suzijuice | March 31, 2009

Back to uni!

Hi all!

Not wrote on here in a while as not really had access to the internet!

So last time i posted it was middle of Jan, welll… ive been pretty busy since then!

I got send to the sunshine coast for the 2nd part of my job with the photographers, was really nice again and the place i got as free accom had a pool so i wasnt complaining!  After i finished my at the end of January, i flew to Melbourne with a friend and we spent a few days there. Melbourne is a really nice city, i feel i wouldnt want to live there as its soo busy but was good to visit, and we went to the Neighbours Trivia night and got to meet the famous Dr Karl Kennedy so i was happy! After we left Melbourne, we hired a campervan and did the great ocean road and grampians that takes you back to Adelaide. Well worth it! Probably one of my highlights of the year, was so good having a campervan and going where i wanted to, and seeing lots of different places along the way.

When we got back to Adelaide, it was only two days till my parents arrived! I was so excited to show them where i have called home for the past 7 months and then we went to Sydney for 2 weeks. Was a great trip with them and we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was really good fun and i was impressed at my dad doing it too, as hes scared of heights!

I got back to adelaide at the end of feb, and uni started back on the 2nd of March, although i thought i was organised with enrolling for classes etc, apartently i wasnt! after the first week i realised i had done two of the three subjects in glasgow the year before! so i found another course to do and finally settled on that, but it was really annoying as there is limited classes for accounting and it is expected you just make up the study load with electives, however this is obviously not what uni at home wants. But anyways all is sorted now, and the classes do seem to be harder that the classes i did last year so wont have much of a social life i think! or maybe ill still try to!

This term, i also changed room so i can share with a english girl,Claire i have made friends with, so now i am in the apartments in the village rather than the townhouses. I would say i prefer the apartments only because they seem more sociable, but i guess that depends on who you are sharing with. i just felt in the townhouses, you were living in a room rather than a house as its split over 4 floors and you hardly see your housemates.

Also,  me and Claire got cheap flights to Alice Springs in March ($95 instead of $400) so we dedided to go for a long weekend and see uluru(ayers rock), the olgas, and kings canyon. Alice Springs is small but really nice and we had a pool at our hostel and we went to the flying doctor service there so was good for a few days. We did a backpackers tour for all the sights though, and as it was really informative we felt it was worth it.We slept in ‘swags’ (individual dome tents) and cooked in campsites so was really good. We got to see ayers rock sunset and sunrise which were amazing. All in all trip was amazing, and definately worth taking a few days off uni!:)

So back into the role of things now at uni, one thing that i felt was annoying was that uni at home never really gave u much time in advance to let you know about dissertation proposals for next yr. My year had started a research course in January and obv as uni here never went back to march, i didnt have access to the internet to see that! soo i came back with like a week to sort it out, its all done now but was a bit stressful! its definately worth looking over what you wanna do your dissertation on before you come out here on a year abroad as once its done you wont have the stress of doing it whilst everyone is just going back to uni here.

Anyhoo think ive harped on enough now!

Will write soon! xx

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